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3 Script Writing Essentials

Here are the 3 tips you need to know when creating a script for your video.

Putting together a script for a video can be daunting and almost bring on undesired anxiety. However going into a video project without a script will in the end lead to longer productions times, increased costs and more frustration.

1. Determine what you will want to speak about.

What is your video going to be centered around? Start coming up with ideas of what you will want your video to convey. Will it be a branding video, or will it be a targeted marketing piece or just a general video about your company, product, or service.

Once you know what you want to speak about this will help take you to the next step.

2. Determine where you will advertise your video.

When you know where you will advertise your video whether social media platforms or other mediums, this will help determine the format your video will need to be produced in as well as the length of what you want your video to be. This helps save time and makes the process that much easier when the video is being created.

3. Determine the length of your video.

A good rule of thumb is 130 words equals 1 minute on average. When you break it down into bite sized chunks it makes it easier. Also you will realize that in many cases it won't be hard to get to the length of time with everything you want to say, rather it will be cutting out certain things to shave it down that will be the challenge.

In summary by knowing what you will want your video to be about, where you will advertise and what will be the length of your video you will be better equipped to save both time and money when it comes to moving forward on producing your script. A script first and foremost must be discussed by the ideas that a company or individual wants presented before words begin to hit the paper. In the next script writing essentials blog, we will discuss putting together a script after having determine the first 3 essentials.

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